Quality and Environment policy

The KAMEL company is engaged in metalworking parts for textile and machinery manufacturing. Throughout the company history its tools, instruments, machinery park and people´s skills develop, nowadays most of the production comes into existance using modern CNC machines. Our good name of the organization is created by many years of work to build an organization based on honest and serious dealing with customers.

Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) form an integrated system management. The company management is committed to continuously improve the efficiency of the integrated management system, particularly through the defined objectives, targets, programs and control mechanisms.

Quality management:

  • Meeting the requirements and requests of our customers is the main objective of the organization; Customer satisfaction is always our priorit
  • Services and work for customers are provided in the highest possible quality; Customers are welcome broad willingness and help from all employees
  • Basic rules of ours workers are a positive attitude, good manners and behavior at the workplace and outside the workplace, high professionality and expertise, reliability and respect
  • Our organization is a traditional Czech company located in the region in which it operates; We endeavor to offer top quality services and work
  • Our activities are intended to reinforce the tradition and reputation of the organization, along with maximum efforts to expand the quality and quantity of offered services, to ensure long-term perspective of the organization and thus the certainty of our customers
  • The management of this company creates favorable working conditions for its employees; employees help each other and reinforce the whole team fulfilling their responsibilities; being employed in the KAMEL company are a matter of prestige for its workers


The Environmental Management System:

  • The organization is committed to continuously improve its environmental profile while maintaining and developing its business activities.
  • Maintaining the healthy environment conditions, commit the company to carry out all relevant legal requirements and other requirements which the organization subscribes, and subscribed having environmental aspects.
  • The KAMEL company takes preventive measures not to cause environmental damage and gradually tries to focus on suppliers implementing EMS principles into their activities, having already this EM system implemented and with successful solution of the process of recycling or waste disposal.
  • Management of the company openly and helpfully communicates with the public and interested parties, and provides accurate information about the impact of their activities on the environment.
  • Tools for continuous improvement of environmental management efficiency is primarily identification, review and evaluation of the seriousness of all environmental issues, setting objectives, target values and EMS programs and defined system of control mechanisms.


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Josef Kadrmas, Senior, Dipl.Eng.
Managing Director

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