Company Profile

The Kamel company is a successful Czech company operating since 1994. We are engaged in serial production and custommized metal-working in small series. Throughout the company history its tools, instruments, machinery park and people´s skills develop, nowadays most of the production comes into existance using modern CNC machines. The company is a certified supplier of the world's leading manufacturer of textile machines.
In addition vicariously we provide custommized manufacturing for companies in Germany, England, the Netherlands and China.
The great potential of the company is based both on the production of individual components and on the completion assemblies or subassemblies.

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Company history

The KAMEL Company was established by its current managing director Josef Kadrmas, Senior, Dipl.Eng.. in 1994 who decided to become one of private entrepreneurs.

This company started with only two employees with uncertain production program at minimal production areas. In 2001, cooperation was established with the multinational company Rieter in order to collaborate in the production of spinning machines.

This began a new milestone in history of the Kamel company. This led to the expansion of production areas to more than 2,000 m2 and to the increase number of the employees to more than twenty people. At the same time there was a transfer of know-how from the Rieter factory to our company and affected the main manufacturing activity of the Kamel company.

In 2003 the company reorganized and improved production process management via information system and in 2004 the company was certified according to ISO 9001: 2001. This enabled us to increase our competitiveness and ensure the well-balanced production quality.

In 2006, the company started cooperation with representatives of Homag and Brandt companies. The result of this cooperation was transfer of part of the production of the woodworking machinery components into areas of the Kamel company.

For the company the KAMEL company is constantly evolving and looking for more opportunities for development, and we are discussing the possibilities of cooperation with a larger supplier to the global automotive industry. Our goal is to participate in the development and production of tools and molds in this industrial area.

The KAMEL company focuses on strategic objectives, specific tasks to ensure stability and progress in the future. Currently the further development of the company depends on maintaining and improving employees skills, as they mirror the quality of production and ability to make new products.

That is why we have decided to set up our own training center.

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