3D Measuring

Our company uses the 3D portal coordinate measuring device from Japanese company Mitutoyo. This device allows very accurate measurement of products and comparing the measured values with a mathematical model.
We perform 3D part measurement on coordinate measuring machines Crysta-Plus M574 according to the supplied drawing documentation for the contracts. The outcome measurement protocol can be in text, graphical or combined form.

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Technical parameters:

Maximum range (X, Y, Z)

764 mm, 1 175 mm, 590 mm

Measuring range (X, Y, Z)

500 mm, 700 mm, 400 mm

Maximum permissible measurement error       
of dimensions MPEE (m)


The maximum permissible error
of the touch sensing MPEP (m)


The maximum permissible error
sensing scanning MPETHP (m / 50s)




Workpiece: maximum height
maximum weight

590 mm
180 kg

We provide on the measuring device:

1. Coordinate measurement: complete measurement of a part, measuring geometric parameters (distance, angle), comparison of geometric parameters (straightness, flatness, concentricity, axial position or flatness element, concentricity, axial alignment, parallelism, orthogonality, taper, symmetry etc.), evaluation of tolerances.

2. Measurement by comparing with a model: measuring by allows to compare with a model is very accurate measurement of shapes that are otherwise immeasurable. It is suitable for measurement of the general shapes which do not contain geometric shapes such as e.g. moldings, castings. Measurement of parts including geometric shapes, e.g. machined parts.

The measurement is based on the 3D mathematical model. The focused and specially located point on the part is compared with an ideal point on a model and evaluate the deviated by the device.

Here are several examples of measurement protocol output:

Bühler - Flansch.pdf
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